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Additional Services

Furthermore, we meet our suppliers' needs by providing a wide variety of personalized services:

  • Scrap Accumulation Bins suitable for forklift handling
  • Certified Weights which accompany each transaction
  • Design of an effective program for handling client's scrap material
  • Pick-ups, within 24 hours of your telephone, fax, or email notification
  • Settlements paid 3-5 days after each pick-up. Alternate arrangement can be made to accommodate your accounting department requirements
  • Monthly price list and activity recaps
  • Personal monitoring of your account to insure the level of service that you deserve and should expect
  • Compliance with your R.F.Q., no exceptions.


At Sunwest Metals, we take great pride in offering total metal recycling solutions for Southern California. We also provide a variety of programs and products that are designed to add value to local businesses and industry, including transportation and roll-off container services. At our facilities in Anaheim, we can meet all of our suppliers’ needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Contact Sunwest Metals today to learn more about our services.

Roll-Off Containers
Sunwest Metals offers scrap removal services for commercial businesses and construction sites, as well as the general public. We have as many as 500 roll-off containers (from 20 cubic yards to 53 cubic yards)  available to assist with your recycling needs at our facility ready for both long and short term placement. We also provide drop off and pick up services.
Our trucking fleet and tractor trailers allow us to meet the diverse needs of our clients, providing efficient and cost-effective transportation of materials and machinery and ensuring prompt pick-ups.
At Sunwest Metals, our customers can expect the quality and service they deserve from Southern California's premier metals recycler, in business for over 29 years. Make the intelligent choice today, by requesting further information about our products and services.