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Sunwest Metals purchases scrap materials and offers an additional revenue source from otherwise wasted materials.  If your company generates scrap, we can be of service to you. Our suppliers originate from various industries such as:

  • High-tech manufacturers and electronics
  • Machine shops
  • Distribution Centers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Construction and Demolition Sites

Ferrous Metal
Sunwest Metals Inc. purchases and sells ferrous materials (iron and steel) produced by industrial manufacturers and generated during construction / demolition projects. Our scrap metal recycling facility in Anaheim, is designed to maximize value for our customers. Our ferrous collections process is streamlined from start to finish and we offer competitive, fair pricing for all accepted materials.
Sunwest Metals accepts the following iron and steel materials:

  • Cast Iron
  • Borings
  • Turnings
  • Sheet Iron
  • Pipe
  • Steel and Iron Scrap
  • Structural Steel

Non-Ferrous Metal
At Sunwest, the purchase and sale of non-ferrous materials (aluminum, copper, brass, etc) is a vital part of our business. We collect our non-ferrous metals from a variety of sources and offer competitive pricing for all materials. Whether purchasing from a large manufacturer or buying from the general public, we go out of our way to provide superior service to our clients.
Sunwest Metals accept the following non-ferrous metals:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum (Cans, Siding, Cast, etc.)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Miscellaneous Non-Ferrous

Since 1981, our suppliers have come to appreciate the advantages offered by doing business with Sunwest Metals Inc. Our suppliers have chosen Sunwest Metals because they have profited continually from a stable, long-term business relationship with Southern California's premier recycler.

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